About Jsport

Welcome to the home of Jsport; a provider of co-ed recreational  sport leagues  for adults.

No matter if you have played a sport for years or are looking to participate in a sport that you tried back in elementary school…. Jsport is your league!

Jsport seeks to provide positive sport experiences for all its players so that they want to continue being active for life! It achieves this by creating spaces where people can be active, social and have fun within a friendly, welcoming and safe environment.

So why the J in Jsport? Jsport was created in 2006 to strengthen the Jewish community through sport. It continues to do this and has evolved to include  include others in the Toronto community at large.

Be sure to check out Jsport’s newest addition – Jsport Kids!

Jsport Values 

  1. Improving the world
    Jsport achieves this value by bringing people together, breaking down barriers and placing people on a common playing field to foster friendships, be active and have fun!
  2. Love of Learning
    It is never too late to learn new skills or get back in the game. Jsport encourages people of all levels to participate and be active.
  3. Community 
    Jsport supports the building of community.
  4. Respect
    Jsport expects that every person in the league; participant, referee, umpire, owner etc. treat eachother with respect and as they would want to be treated.
  5. Sanctity of Life 
    Jsport endeavours to have people stop and take a moment out of their busy lives to laugh, be active and have fun! This not only supports people’s physical health, but also mental health by being in a safe and welcoming environment.